Your sport picks contest contains interactive features, that keep your customers engaged. Features that allow you to harvest information and drive better outcomes for your business.

Self branded
  • Capture the look and feel of your Company website with our easy to use contest set up tool, or let us do it for you.
  • Add your logo, color scheme and font and integrate your contest into your company website and expose your brand to your customers.
  • Easily create surveys and incentivize customers to provide valuable feedback.
  • For example, contest rules can be set to allow participants to gain double points as a reward for completing a survey about your product or service.
  • Use Profiling to gain valuable insights from user activity on the contest pages.
Suggestion Box
  • Receive creative ideas and opportunities to generate new and innovative products through the Suggestion Box.
  • Give customers or staff the opportunity to tell you what they are thinking.
Ad Banners
  • Use our strategically positioned Ad Banner spaces to promote your business products, special offers and upcoming events.
  • Post banners that advertize company news to staff and customers.
  • Capture the attention of your staff and customers and enhance the awareness of your products and brand.
  • Create a new communication channel for your customers through our Direct Messaging feature.
  • Sport Picks Contests are proven to stimulate light-hearted conversations, creating opportunities to engage a customer or prospect and explore business opportunities.
Email Alerts
  • Your users receive up to 4 automated email alerts each week as part of the weekly contest cycle.
  • Use these emails to promote your business and communicate key marketing messages to your customers.
  • Communicate key Company news to employees.
  • Analyze survey results and measure user engagement and click rates on ad banners.
  • Use the Dashboard to see how effectively you are using the contest features. The Dashboard helps you realize your business goals.